This summer is being busy, thieves are basically putting the boots ….

Since Locksmiths EAC would like to give you some tips if you are still in time to avoid a robbery in your house or premises.

1 – First, never, never, never leave home without casting with lock !!! this can be terrifying, as a lock for powerful and secure it (most of them, not all), but this pitch with key is very simple to open, and thieves know how. So this is the first thing you should know about your safety, always leaving home key is made.

If you have problems because you’re clueless or going in a hurry or something, we recommend placing a latch or lock without strike. This not sticking unsafe. Visit our Security Locks or call us , we will send a free quote !!!

Or, place a lock with anti-card hit !!!

2 – Well I hope this article will help serve. Now I’ll give you a home safety advice to be more at home. This trick is very old and can make your own, without having to call the locksmith, but if you can call complicates and we’ll help.

It consists of placing a bar in the middle of your door, placed horizontally inside the door and to use when you’re home alone.

Grab some spikes and some tacos, 8 or larger as the spikes will be great for you to take the stick or bar put. At the ends of the door, at the height you want, more or less in the middle! can be a good height, you do the hole to place the heel and the spike on each side of the door, then put the blocks and spikes and you you stand to place the bar (you can serve a broomstick wood).

This stay above the door horizontally and if an intruder breaks your lock and you have this system, will be impossible to access. Lock works Home Security !!!

If you have questions, and we will clarify any doubts.

Here are the tips today, hope you liked it and especially helped !!

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